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haha luv this vid ^^ so you were toma bait and then riida bait, quite a story ^^


haha, believe it, it goes even further than that!
but because of the limit searches i could do for the video, i have to cut it short.
if you want to know the REAL story...

i actually knew about arashi and didn't get baited immediately! O_O

i first found out about toma from hana kimi, and then i followed shun oguri to gokusen, where i found matsujun, which lead me to hana yori dango. so this is where many fans convert to arashi, right? but i didn't! i even watched the WISH pv and found out matsujun was singer. but at the time, i was embarrassed to look at boy bands, but i was curious and typed 'arashi' on youtube, and that time, Truth was the new PV, but i only listened to the music and not watch the video cuz i was embarrassed to look at boy bands. so i thought the song was cool, but i ignored them for awhile.

after some time, i followed toma to maou. and i had no idea that Truth was the theme song, so i was all :O when they play the song. and that's how i found out that hot lawyer name ohno satoshi was a singer too. heehee!

and i'm no longer embarrassed of liking boy bands ^^

sorry for the long reply. i just wanted to share my story ^^


wow~ maou bite XD

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