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the dashboard/reblog/favorite feature is much like tumblr,
and then the dashboard's content is like twitter
and it has all sorts of icons with "like" from facebook
the the customization is like that of LJ (right?)

wow. so complicated.

btw, yours looked like vox. How'd you do it?


ok first of all, it took me a good 15 minutes just to find the reply button! and then i was being such an idiot what to do when i finally found the reply button cuz there was no box to type, that's when i realized i had to sign on AGAIN, or something...-____-
i guess, typepad is trying to add ALL the features of other major blog sites into one...

UGH! typepad! you're so not my main blogging site!!

ok, the blog page kinda looks like vox, ne. i'm not sure if i'm the person you should ask, but what i did was click on dashboard, then on the right where it says 'manage your blog' there are options, and then click design and go from there.

basically, i'm just randomly clicking places, trying to know where is where.

but i'm still not loving typepad. >:(


me someone from your hood in vox..

my typepad is empty..no design, no update profile,no picture...blablabla...simply because i dont know how it works..and plus i'm too busy stalking my where my vox neighbourhood been..haha..

i'm adding u here..hope u dont mind!


sure sure, i don't mind.
i also noticed you added me on livejournal. i'll add you too.
i still prefer LJ over typepad tho, but thanks again!

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